A high-performance, web standards-compliant rendering engine based on Flutter.

? Have a try

  1. Install Kraken CLI (macOS only currently)

    $ npm i @openkraken/cli -g
  2. Open with kraken

    # kraken [localfile|URL]
    $ kraken

? Why kraken

  • Quick development ?

    Compatibility with web standards means you don't have to change your stack.

    const text = document.createTextNode('Hello World!');
  • Cross platform ⚛️

    Seamless integration with Flutter, supports web, mobile (iOS, Android) and desktop (MacOS, Linux, Windows).

  • Fast performance ?

    Provide native-like performance such as navigation, animation and infinite list scrolling.

? Contributing

By contributing to Kraken, you agree that your contributions will be licensed under its Apache-2.0 License.

  1. Prerequisites

    • Node.js v12.0 or later
    • Flutter version in the kraken/pubspec.yaml
    • CMake v3.2.0 or later
    • Xcode (10.12) or later (Running on macOS or iOS)
    • Android NDK version 21.4.7075529 (Running on Android)
  2. Install

    $ npm install
  3. Building bridge

    Building bridge for all supported platform (macOS, iOS, Android)

    $ npm run build:bridge:all

    Building bridge for one platform


    $ npm run build:bridge:macos


    $ npm run build:bridge:ios


    For Windows users, make sure that running this command under MINGW64 environment(eg. Git Bash).

    $ npm run build:bridge:android
  4. Start example

    $ cd kraken/example
    $ flutter run
  5. Test (Unit Test and Integration Test)

    $ npm test