Create a mobile app for a weather forecaster app that would allow users to see the weather forecasts.

The system should consist of 2 pages:

  • A weather-list page that shows weather forecasts for the next few days.
  • A weather-details page that consists of detailed information about the weather.

Tech Stack

  • Dart
  • Flutter BLoC
  • Retrofit
  • Dio
  • Json Serializable
  • Build runner
  • Cached Network Image

Get Started

Run flutter pub get to update the pub packages if there is update in pubspec.yaml

flutter pub get

Run flutter packages pub run build_runner build –delete-conflicting-outputs to generate pre-compile files

flutter pub run build_runner build --delete-conflicting-outputs


Test (APK):

flutter build apk -t lib/main.dart


Test (iOS):

flutter build ios -t lib/main.dart


alt text alt text


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