A very basic manga reader made using flutter and mangadex API. It uses the mangadex_library package.

A few things to remember

  • The app only supports windows at the moment. Android and other platforms can be compiled too, just remember that it's never tested on those devices so, it might become a nightmare when you look at it. Good luck to your eyes, honestly.

  • The app is in a very early stage of development and hence bugs are expected including some incomplete code that I still can't figure out (for example the page navigation still doesn't work properly) it also doesn't have much functionality except for login, searching manga and reading manga. Some mangas even tend to break the app.

  • The app is open source and not to be used for any commercial purposes, it's just a project for both the flutter and the mangadex community to showcase the future revolution flutter can bring in.

  • I might not be able to always be there to keep adding features to this one, however everyone's welcome to contribute to the project.


The latest releases can akways be found on the releases page, if you are looking ahead to try the app.

App Controls

When reading the manga, click once on a page to go to the next page and click twice on a page to go the previous page.

Compiling the App

  • Add the /bin directory of your flutter installation to your system PATH
  • Next you will have to enable desktop support
  • Install both the Dart and the Flutter plugin installed in your IDE. Visual Studio Code was used for this project.

Running the App

Extract your release zip archive and open mangadex_app.exe (make sure that all the files and extracted and not only the exe.)



The app crashes under the following circumstances

  • If there is no internet
  • On request timeouts
  • If rate limit is exceeded

    I'll try to fix these soon.

Things coming next

  • Download manga and view library offline

Reach me

  • Need to get in touch for something? I might not be always active on my github but im always there on Discord, if you need to ask for something (or maybe just talk) just dm me on Rick~#9387