A simple shortcut, command line interface (CLI) for a lazy (a.k.a effective) Flutter developer in order to increase productivity and happiness.


Activate f CLI from your terminal using this command.

pub global activate f

Create new project

Use this f command to create a Flutter project:

f c myapp
cd myapp

It’s similar with using command flutter create myapp.

To create a Flutter project with some predefined dependencies, you can list the dependencies after your project name like this:

f c myapp path intl http provider 
cd myapp 

The above command will automatically create myapp project in the myapp directory, then automatically install all the required dependencies (in this example: path, intl, http, and provider).

Feel free to add as many dependencies as you want.

You can also pass other arguments, such as project name, the organization name, or to specify the programming language used for the native platform:

f c --p myapp --org dev.flutter --a kotlin --i swift myapp path intl http provider
cd myapp

Run Project

To run a Flutter project, you can use this command:

f r

It’s similar with using command flutter run.

To run project as flutter run --profile, use:

f rp

To run project as flutter run --release, use:

f rr

Other Commands

The list of other f commands that you can use to increase productivity with Flutter.

Command Description
f a -d DEVICE_ID Analyzes the project’s Dart source code.
Alias of flutter analyze
f as -o DIRECTORY Assemble and build flutter resources.
Alias of flutter assemble
f at -d DEVICE_ID Attach to a running application.
Alias of flutter attach
f b DIRECTORY Flutter build commands.
Alias of flutter build
f bs DIRECTORY Flutter build commands with split per abi.
Alias of flutter build --split-per-abi
f ch CHANNEL_NAME List or switch flutter channels.
Alias of flutter channel
f dev -d DEVICE_ID List all connected devices.
Alias of flutter devices
f doc Show information about the installed tooling.
Alias of flutter doctor
f drv Runs Flutter Driver tests for the current project.
Alias of flutter drive
f e List, launch and create emulators.
Alias of flutter emulators
f f DIRECTORY|DART_FILE Formats Flutter source code.
Alias of flutter format
f i -d DEVICE_ID Install a Flutter app on an attached device.
Alias of flutter install
f l Show log output for running Flutter apps.
Alias of flutter logs
f t [DIRECTORY|DART_FILE] Runs tests in this package.
Alias of flutter test
f up Upgrade your copy of Flutter.
Alias of flutter upgrade
f down Downgrade Flutter to the last active version for the current channel. Alias of flutter downgrade


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