Rotating Shining App demo web app

This is a sample web app built with Flutter Web, demonstrating a rotating Pokemon card with a shine effect on mouse hover. It’s a simple and fun way to showcase your favorite Pokemon and add some interactivity to your website.

Pokemon card rotation demo

Getting Started

To get started with the project, you need to have the Flutter SDK installed on your machine. You can follow the instructions on the Flutter website to download and install Flutter.

To run the project, follow these steps:

Clone the repository to your local machine. Open a terminal window and navigate to the project directory. Run

flutter pub get

to install the app dependencies. Run

flutter run -d chrome

to launch the app on your web browser.

That’s it! You can now see the rotating Pokemon card in action and modify the code to your liking.


We welcome contributions from the community and appreciate any feedback.


This project was inspired by the popular Pokemon trading card game and the Pokemon franchise. We thank the creators and developers of Pokemon for their amazing work and the joy they bring to people all over the world.


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