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The AtKeymaker App

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AtKeymaker is an open source app that helps people manage their secret keys for their atsigns.

Who is this for?

This app is for any person that has an atsign. It provides a means for saving and managing the secret keys that the atPlatform needs for apps to protect their data and share it securely with others.

Open source usage and contributions

This is open source code, so feel free to use it as is, suggest changes or enhancements or create your own version. See for detailed guidance on how to setup tools, tests and make a pull request.

Clarify Installation & Dependencies

This repo requires Dart and Flutter environments are installed and set up, with some familiarity using them.


This app was created using the most excellent at_app CLI and [Very Good CLI][very_good_cli_link] ? at_app tool, developed by Xavier Chanthavong.


Created by Kevin Nickels (@nickelskevin), please add me to any pull requests.


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