Managing classes made easy, for both teachers and students


As a university student, I often forget which classes are today and what was work assigned in those classes, and if the teacher asked for something or gave some instruction for the next class.

I noticed this is not a problem specific to students, teachers sometimes also face these kinds of problems like up to what lecture they are in various classes and what are their plans for the next class.

This inspired me to make an App that can help solve this issue.

What it does

This is a simple app but has many features:

  • Edit classes details once and the app will show today’s class schedule daily
  • I added days to be Monday to Friday so on Saturday and Sunday it will still show Monday
  • User change weekday using simple buttons to access previous class details or add upcoming class details
  • User can add class time, room/building, class, and a note regarding that class to keep track of
  • A list to add your to-do’s
  • Clicking on add button at the bottom opens a form to add new task
  • User can add a title and a small description for the task
  • The tasks are stored permanently to data will retain even after closing the session
  • Delete a task if completed from the list by swiping that task to left

Installation Instructions

Download Apk from here


  • Install apk
  • Open app for 1st time, if it shows a white background in place of classes close the app and remove from recent apps
  • Restart app, it will work properly now.


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