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A wrapper into the YouCan platform API that enables developers to extend its features inside a Dart/Flutter project

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Well, we might need a flexible and easy way to exchange requests from this API to our project, this could get developers more unnecessary extra work such as dealing with configuring and using the API’s multiple endpoints, loose types of data, HTTP requests, modeling data…

This library aims to cover the developers from all those sides and provide easy call methods that bring them to their goals.


NOTE: this still under devllopment

Store configuration

To configure this library to get the data directly from your store, you will need to set it like this:

void main() {
  YouCan.instance.storeLink = ''; // change it with your store's link

Get Products

To get a List<Product> with all your store’s products:

  List<Product> products = await YouCan.instance.products.all();

Querying Products

in brief, you can query products based on your store’s way, by categories, pages, limiting…

  List<Product> products = await YouCan.instance.categories.category("Category id").products.pagination(2).limit(15).all();


Search queries are also made easy:

  List<Product> products = await"YOUR SEARCH TEXT").limit(1).all();


Get full documentation of all that this library offers from this link


Our open-source project is making a difference in the E-commerce/Flutter community and we need your help to continue improving and expanding it. any kind of contribution is welcome.

Thank you!


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