Metaville - A Community Connect for you!

MetaVille is a mobile application that helps in bringing people of a residential society together and also in managing the community very conveniently and efficiently.

Why MetaVille?

MetaVille will help you in managing societies with just a few clicks. For example, if you want to talk to all the people in a gated community regarding COVID - 19 Safety measurements, then you can just click on creating events, and discuss whether a meeting is necessary or not through polls, and have a meeting with the other members, by just sitting at your home!

Similarly, it can be used to check your membership status in gyms, swimming pools, clubs etc. It can also be used in managing visitors, which will help in monitoring who enters the gated community.

So, it will provide you a better experience of living in a community.


  1. View membership status of gyms, swimming pools, clubs, stores, etc.
  2. Track events and activities going on in the residence.
  3. Form clubs and societies with people having similar interests like art club, music club etc.
  4. Raise complaints, discuss and find solutions.
  5. Manage visitors (which handles security issues).
  6. View details of the staff and administrators of the residential society.

? ScreenShots

Login Screen


Memberships Screen

Events Screen

My Society Screen

Complaints Screen

Visitors Screen

Help Desk Screen

Building the Code

  1. Clone the repository using HTTP : git clone
  2. Open your code editor (VS Code, Android Studio etc)
  3. Click on 'Open an Existing Project'
  4. Browse to the directory where you cloned the repo and click OK
  5. Let your code editor import the project
  6. To install the dependencies run flutter pub get in the terminal.
  7. Build the application in your device by clicking 'run' button

? TechStack

  • Flutter
  • Android Development Tools

Future Work

  1. Add more features which will make managing the society more efficient, like

    • Managing bill payments for memberships
    • An admin portal
    • A chatting platform
    • Keep track of health status of the whole community(especially during pandemics like COVID-19)
    • Security systems to get notified of unusual activities
    • Control smart devices of your home.
  2. Create a Web application.