History of Me

History of Me wants to be your own personal diary in the digital age. Browse through all of your diary entries and organize your writings. Create, edit and read individual entries and relive your memories. Track your mood and feelings. History of Me offers a digital bookmark you can customize yourself. This app will store your data only on your device. No one else but you will be able to read your diary!


Browse through your memories Read your diary entries
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Edit your entry Customize your bookmark
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Getting Started with Flutter

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Build from Source

To build this project, Flutter should be installed on your computer. Visit the install guide available on the Flutter website to get started.

Clone the repository and run the app using the Flutter Engine on your local device:

git clone https://github.com/litlifesoftware/HistoryOfMe.git
cd HistoryOfMe
flutter run


In order to create signed APK files to upload to various app stores, you have to specify a keystore location inside the android\key.properties file. This file should link to a keystore stored on your local hard drive. Follow Flutter's deployment guidelines to create your own keystore required to generate verified APK files.


There are English and German localizations available for this app. These strings are stored in the assets\json\localized_strings.json and read on the app's start up.

Photography Assets

The photographs displayed as 'diary entry backdrop image' are stored on disk and were downloaded from Unsplash.

Special thanks to the photographers whose photos were used:

Niilo Isotalo: "Kuopio, Finland", published on 2017-10-16

Peiwen Yu: "Hanzhong, China", published on 2017-4-10

Greg Rakozy: "Spiral Jetty, United States", published on 2015-10-15

Consider checking out their profiles and photos.