As soon as your app is published it goes on this wild journey and likely receives new interesting features to benefit
your users. Along the way there will be times when you need to run one-time migrations to prepare for these exciting
new features!

This package helps you run one-time migrations in your app incrementally, while trying to reduce impact on app start-up
time as much as possible.


Run incremental migrations.

Getting started

To use Journey, you will need to include this package in your pubspec:

# pubspec.yaml


Create migration implementations for the all the migrations in your app:

class MigrateUserModelToHaveMultipleJourneys implements Migration {
  String get id => "migrate_user_model_to_have_multiple_journeys";

  Future<MigrationResult> run() async {
    // change the data model of your underlying data structure
    return MigrationResult.successful;

class MigrateTokensToNativeSecureStorage implements Migration {
  String get id => "migrate_tokens_to_native_secure_storage";

  Future<MigrationResult> run() async {
    // read the tokens from the previous storage, and move them to the secure storage
    return MigrationResult.successful;

Once you’ve defined your migrations, define the journey:

final journey = Journey(
  migrations: [

After defining the journey, execute the migrations at an appropriate time in your app:

// U can use the reports for analytical purposes
final reports = await journey.migrate();


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