Let Me Go

Let Me Go is a mobile application which was build in order to notify vehicle drivers when an ambulance is near to them within a specific distance during traffics. I built this application as my project for Hackeram which is an online student run hackathon.

What is the challenge?

According to my experience I have seen lots of incidents where Ambulance drivers had to face huge difficulies during traffic time. Even, this may cause death to the patients due to delay in treatments.

Future plans

  • Intergrate with Call The Doctor
  • Add more functionalities like listing out the patient details and past missions, etc..
  • Improve the UI
  • Add tests
  • Add a CI pipeline for the front end

How to contribute

  • For the repository
  • Clone the repo by running git clone <url>
  • Make changes and commit them with git add <filename/path> and git commit -m <message>
  • Push changes to forked repo with git push origin main
  • And send a pull request to main repo

Thank You!


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