? Digital Calculator

Digital Calculator is a fully function Calculator Clone which is based on this UI Design. It has keyboard support and a few useful shortcuts for quick and easy access. It also has a dedicated dark mode theme for better accessibility.

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⌨ Shortcuts

Shortcut Action
Digits Inputs digits from 0 to 9
Addition Key Addition
Subtraction Key Subtraction
Character X Key Asterisk Key Multiplication
Forward Slash Key Division
Percent Key Percentage
Backspace Key Delete a Digit
Period Key Comma Key Decimal Point
Enter Key Equal Key Evaluate
Character c Key Escape Key Delete Key All Clear

? Installation links

Get it on Google Play


Download apk

✨ Features

  • Keyboard Support (even for Android and iOS)
  • Shortcuts Support
  • Digital Display
  • Error Handling
  • Sign Change
  • Floating Window Support
  • Light Mode
  • Dark Mode
  • Responsive Design
  • Scientific Calculator
  • Calculator History

? Screenshots

Light Mode Image Dark Mode Image Responsive Support Image Floating Window Image

? Plugins

Name Usage
flutter_inset_box_shadow To use inset property for box shadows
flutter_native_splash To create a Splash Screen for the app
math_expressions For parsing and evaluating mathematical expressions
flutter_lints For linting

? Author

Aditya R


Copyright (c) 2022 Aditya R MIT LICENCE

? Attributions

Calculator icons created by Freepik – Flaticon


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