A GolGrid is a flutter widget showing a GridWorld controlled by a Thumper.

I.e. it's Conway's Game of Life in a flutter widget. The widget iterates through evolutionary steps of a given world via the Thumper.


The example iterates through steps in a world with a lightweight spaceship cruising below an R-pentomino.

initial playing
shot1 shot2

Install [flutter], then

# Confirm you have some devices.
flutter devices

# Get the code
git clone [email protected]:monopole/gol_grid.git
cd gol_grid
flutter test
cd example

For chrome (at time of writing, requires beta channel flutter):

flutter -d chrome run -t lib/web.dart

For android, plug in your phone, enable dev options and
allow file transfer over USB, then:

# See `flutter devices` for possible arguments
flutter -d pixel run