this package can be used to encrypt/decrypt data in stream form (e.g. HTTP, IO,etc)

this package initially comes with a http client adapter for Dio library.

Secure File


final secureFile = SecureFile(
   encrypter: encrypter,
   decrypter: decrypter,
   useBase64: true,
   maxBlockSize: 4096,


  • Stream<Uint8List> read/write
  • Uint8List read/write
  • String read/write


  • de/encryption is done while read/writing meaning data will not be de/encrypted until that part of data is read/written.

  • both of de/encrypter use same method. Note: for internal encrypters like AES,RSA,Gzip,NoEncryption it has an assertion but if you extend De/Encrypter you need to test it inside your app. in some cases this may seems ok but in action during reading the file content may cause an error or even data corruption.

  • this does not extend File class.

  • write methods support appending to file. but in this case you need to pass a EncryptStreamMeta to constructor with Separator and Ending with same value using EncryptStreamMeta.sameSeparatorAsEnding('....... separator .......').

  • due to high load of some algorithms during de/encryption this class does not support synchronous read/write.

  • methods in this class are not running inside an isolate and therefore may cause performance issues.


/// create instance of `CipherDioHttpAdapter`
final dioClient = CipherDioHttpAdapter(
     decrypter: decrypter,
     encrypter: encrypter,
/// creating an instance of `Dio` with `CipherDioHttpAdapter`
final dio = Dio()..httpClientAdapter = dioClient;
  • in this method only the body of the request is encrypted.

  • in this method only the body of the response is decrypted.

  • the header of request is not encrypted. to deform the header of request, you can extend one of IByteDataEncrypters and override the alterHeader method to do so.

for backend side you can check example of this project

Example of De/Encrypter

to create instance of de/encrypter

final encrypter = AESByteDataEncrypter.randomSecureKey();
final decrypter = AESByteDataDecrypter(
  key: encrypter.key,
  iv: encrypter.iv,


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