Music Player

A music player app that allows you to search for music by artist. Music source from iTunes affiliate API. Made using Flutter with simple clean architecture inspired by Reso Coder and Bloc state management by Felix Angelov. Design Inspired by Spotify.

Search songs by artist Play and pause song
Intial screen Empty result Connection error

Supported features

  • Search song preview by the artist
  • Play and stop a song
  • Playing indicator
  • Play song in the background
  • Portrait lock
  • Error handling includes empty results, server errors, and connection errors.

Supported devices

  • You can run this app on Android API level 16 (Jelly Bean) or above.

In this project, I try to implement some stacks like


How to build

  • Ensure you have flutter installed
  • Clone this repository git clone
  • Open projects on your IDE like Android Studio, Visual Code, etc..
  • Open android simulator or connect your android device
  • Run flutter pub get to get all dependencies that are needed
  • Use command flutter run to build in debug mode or use flutter run --release to build release mode.

How to run unit test

  • Run flutter test inside the project directory
  • Generate coverage report using flutter test --coverage, a coverage report seems to be generated into a file /coverage/


If you want to contact me you can reach me at Instagram or Linkedin.


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