This is a library provide a simple roulette widget which usually used for lottery.


  • Quickly build roulettes

  • Build roulettes with different parts depends on the weight

  • Easily control the roll animation and settle position

  • There are two types of roulette provided by this package:

    • Uniform roulette without text:
      Uniform with no text

    • Weight roulette with text:
      Weight based with text

Getting started


Build a Roulette widget

First, you need to create a RouletteController instance.

  group: RouletteGroup([
    // ...other units
  vsync: this // provide a TickerProvider here

Once you have a controller, you could add a Roulette widget into your widget tree:

Widget build(BuildContext context) {
  return Roulette(
    controller: controller, // provide your controller here
    style: RouletteStyle(
      // config the roulette's appearance here

Run the Roulette

Use roll method to run the roulette where you need to.

  onPressed: () => controller.rollTo(2), // provide the index you want to settle
  child: const Text('Roll!'),

You could await the rollTo method’s finish and then make some other actions.

The rollTo method provides many options for you to control the rolling behavior. Please check the document for more information.

For detailed usage sample, please check the example.


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