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A flutter IM plugin for android and ios.

Getting Started

1,Add dependency in yaml

   flutter_openim_sdk: ^1.0.4

2,Import package

  import 'package:flutter_openim_sdk/flutter_openim_sdk.dart';

3, Init config

// Initialize SDK
        platform: IMPlatform.ios,
    	ipApi: 'Api interface address',
        ipWs: 'WebSocket address',
        dbPath: 'Database directory',
        listener: OnInitSDKListener(
          connecting: () {},
          connectFailed: (code, error) {},
          connectSuccess: () {},
          kickedOffline: () {},
          userSigExpired: () {},
          selfInfoUpdated: (user) {},

      // Add message listener (remove when not in use)
        recvMessageRevoked: (id) {},
        recvC2CReadReceipt: (list) {},
        recvNewMessage: (msg) {},

      // Set up message sending progress listener
        progressCallback: (id, progress) {},

      // Set up friend relationship listener
        blackListAdd: (u) {},
        blackListDeleted: (u) {},
        friendApplicationListAccept: (u) {},
        friendApplicationListAdded: (u) {},
        friendApplicationListDeleted: (u) {},
        friendApplicationListReject: (u) {},
        friendInfoChanged: (u) {},
        friendListAdded: (u) {},
        friendListDeleted: (u) {},

      // Set up conversation listener
        conversationChanged: (list) {},
        newConversation: (list) {},
        totalUnreadMsgCountChanged: (count) {},
        syncServerFailed: () {},
        syncServerFinish: () {},
        syncServerStart: () {},

      // Set up group listener
        applicationProcessed: (groupId, opUser, agreeOrReject, opReason) {},
        groupCreated: (groupId) {},
        groupInfoChanged: (groupId, info) {},
        memberEnter: (groupId, list) {},
        memberInvited: (groupId, opUser, list) {},
        memberKicked: (groupId, opUser, list) {},
        memberLeave: (groupId, info) {},
        receiveJoinApplication: (groupId, info, opReason) {},

4, Log in

 OpenIM.iMManager.login(uid: uid, token: token).then((value){
 	// login successful

5,Get a list of conversations

 OpenIM.iMManager.conversationManager.getAllConversationList().then((list) {
 	// Return to the conversation list

6,Get contact list

 OpenIM.iMManager.friendshipManager.getFriendList().then((list) {
   	// Return to friends list

7,Get chat history

List<Message> chatMsgList = List.empty(growable: true);
/// Custom message listener, the arrival of a new message will trigger the onNewMessage method callback
class CustomAdvancedMsgListener extends AdvancedMsgListener {
  final ValueChanged<Message>? onNewMessage;


  void onRecvNewMessage(Message msg) {
    if (null != onNewMessage) onNewMessage!(msg);
  • History news

  // If userID is not null and groupID is null, get a single chat message list
  // If the userID is null and the groupID is not null, get a group chat message list
          userID: uid,//User id
          startMsg: startMsg,//Last message, take chatMsgList[0]
          groupID: gid,//Group id
          count: 12,//Page Size
      .then((list) => chatMsgList.addAll(list));
  • New news

// Create a message listener
// After entering the chat page, you need to listen for new messages and then render the UI
// Each chat window has a unique uid (user id) or gid (group id)
// Determine whether the received message belongs to the current window according to uid or gid
var msgListener = CustomAdvancedMsgListener(onNewMessage: (message) {
     // If the sender user id is equal to the user id of the current chat page,
     // or the group id is equal to the current group id of the current chat page
     if (message.sendID == uid || message.groupID == gid) {
        if (!chatMsgList.contains(message)) {
	 			 // New message in current chat page

// Add message listener

// Remove message monitoring
// After adding a message listener, if the page disposes, please remove the listener
// OpenIM.iMManager.messageManager.removeAdvancedMsgListener(msgListener);

8,Send a message

// Create message
var message = await OpenIM.iMManager.messageManager.createTextMessage(
     text: 'I am the content of the message',
// Send
   message: message,
   onlineUserOnly: false,
   userID: uid, // Single chat value is not null
   groupID: gid, // The group chat value is not null
 ).then((v) {
   // Sent successfully
   // Failed to send

9,Sign out



method description
initSDK Initialize SDK
login Log in
logout Sign out
getLoginStatus Login status
getLoginUid Current user id
getLoginUserInfo Current user information
setSelfInfo Modify current user information
getUsersInfo Get user information by user id
forceReConn Force reconnection


method description
setConversationListener Listener
getAllConversationList Get all conversation
getSingleConversation Get a single conversation
getMultipleConversation Get multiple conversation
deleteConversation Delete conversation
setConversationDraft Set conversation draftText
pinConversation Top conversation


method description
setFriendshipListener Listener
getFriendsInfo Get friend information
addFriend Add friends
getFriendApplicationList Get friend application list
getFriendList Get friends list
setFriendInfo Edit friend notes
addToBlackList Add to blacklist
getBlackList Get blacklist list
deleteFromBlackList Remove from blacklist
checkFriend Check friendship
deleteFromFriendList Remove friend
acceptFriendApplication Accept friend application
refuseFriendApplication Reject friend application


method description
addAdvancedMsgListener Add message listener
removeAdvancedMsgListener Remove message listener
setMsgSendProgressListener Message sending progress listener
sendMessage Send a message
getHistoryMessageList Get history news
revokeMessage Revoke message
deleteMessageFromLocalStorage Delete message
insertSingleMessageToLocalStorage Insert message
findMessages Query the message by id
markSingleMessageHasRead Mark single chat messages as read
markGroupMessageHasRead Mark group chat messages as read
markC2CMessageAsRead Mark c2c message as read
typingStatusUpdate Typing prompt
createTextMessage Create text message
createTextAtMessage Create @ message
createImageMessage Create picture message
createSoundMessage Create voice message
createVideoMessage Create video message
createFileMessage Create file message
createMergerMessage Create merge message
createForwardMessage Create a forwarded message
getTotalUnreadMsgCount Get unread message count


method description
setGroupListener Listener
inviteUserToGroup Invite into the group
kickGroupMember Remove group members
getGroupMembersInfo Get group member information
getGroupMemberList Get group members
getJoinedGroupList Get joined groups
isJoinedGroup Check you have joined the group
createGroup Create a group
setGroupInfo Set group information
getGroupsInfo Get group information
joinGroup Join group
quitGroup Exit group
transferGroupOwner Group permission transfer
getGroupApplicationList Get group application list
acceptGroupApplication Accept group invitation
refuseGroupApplication Decline group invitation


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