Mobile Programming Term Project

Getting Started

It is a project for small and medium-sized construction companies and self-employed civil engineers. Civil engineers prepare an offer about a construction and give it to a company that had the construction. The content of the offer is entirely based on construction, labor costs and materials prices. It is a summary of how much will go out of the employer’s budget for a project. It is not %100 but the company gets an idea about the minimum budget and the work plan. All the features of the project are designed to make it easier to make offers and archive these offers because preparing an offer means a lot of paper and excel work. Considering that an engineer will have multiple of offers, tracking them will be very difficult.

Major Features

  1. There user must be able to register.
  • For registration, it must be verified by mail, so sending mail must be implemented.
  1. The user must be able to login.
  2. In the system the user should be able to create an account.
  3. When a user created an account a default material list added to that account.
  • Every material has a unite price.
  • Evert material has a unite.
  1. User must be able to update material list and add additional materials to it.
  2. User must be able to create an offer.
  • While creating an offer user should be able to specify the materials for that offer.
  1. User must be able to update an offer.
  2. User must be able to see all the offers. (Accepted or declined).

Screen Shots

Init & Login & Register

init login register


init init


init init init

Make Offer

init init init




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