NFT Museum

A flutter project to explore the world of NFTs and APIs

Purpose of this project

The purpose of this project is to explore the flutter and NFT APIs at the same time. When I saw that there are very less applications which just shows NFTs and no other crap, I decided to hope on this journey. This project is a simple complex application with ton of APIs talking to each other and rendering data while handling possible exceptions. The UI is fully written in dart programming language using flutter library and for data Rarible API has been used. I have not written the backend, it’s all APIs talking to each other.

UI sample

The UI is made simple and minimal, yet beautiful.

How to run

Download and Install apk from release OR build from source First Install Flutter

$ git clone
$ cd nft-museum
$ flutter pub get
$ flutter build apk –-split-per-abi

or run the app in available devices

$ flutter run


  • To Add collection Screen
  • To Add webview for collections
  • To Add items of a collection
  • To Add search screen
  • To Add favorite screen
  • To Add favorite screen
  • To Add screen for NFT creator
  • To Add a custom icon for application


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