Flutter ‘Food Delivery APP’

A Flutter app based on the design of the Food Delivery APP, created by Mehedi Hasan see more on

Greating Start

  • Clone the repo
  • Install the dependicies
  • Run it


This is Full Functional App

Screenshot_20200824_125216_com mehedihasaninfo foode_app Screenshot_20200824_124720_com mehedihasaninfo foode_app Screenshot_20200824_124630_com mehedihasaninfo foode_app
Screenshot_20200824_124652_com mehedihasaninfo foode_app

Version History

Version Date Comment
1.0 August 2020 Initial release


Feel welcome and free to submit issues, pull requests and features to this repo.

Support me

I really like to make as much (free) beautiful Flutter UI , I want to your inspiresion !

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