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Flower selling app using firebase backend.

⚠️ Add firebase and enable email authentication and firstore database or it won’t work

Don’t know how to do?

  • Craete a firebase project no need to enable Google Analytics.
  • Open the project then add a new iOS app.
  • Download the GoogleService-info.plist and put it inside ios/Runner/
  • Go to Authentication from left panel then Sign-in method and Enable Email/Password
  • Select Firestore Database then create database this will take few clicks then you done.
  • Go to the rules delete the time validation line and true after if. Be aware this will make the database public and you don’t wanna do in production.

allow read, write: if // add here 'true;'
      request.time < timestamp.date(2022, 1, 2); // delete this line


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flutter packages developed by watery desert

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