Attendance System / Flutter App

A Deep Learning Based Attendance System is a mobile application that aims to make it easier for lecturers to check the attendance status of students which are attending the course. With the Deep Learning based attendance system, the data of each student in class will be uploaded to the system for the face recognition system. The Deep Learning based attendance system will analyze the students attendance with the data that is already collected and guide the teacher on the attendance process.

Architecture of Project:

  • MVVM
  • Theme Notifier
  • Core Widget
  • Base Models
  • Multi-language
  • State Management
  • Navigation
  • Cache
  • Network Layer

How to Use

First things first: you must properly set the following environment variable (/asset/app/.env):

  • APP_API_SITE (The backend service URL)

Attendance System Backend Service:

Step 1:

Download or clone this repo by using the link below:

for ssh

git clone [email protected]:merthankavak/attendancesystem_flutter.git

Step 2:

Go to project root and execute the following command in console to get the required dependencies:

flutter pub get 

Step 3:

To run this project all we have to do is run this command

flutter run 


How It Works?

How It Works
How It Works

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Team NiceTRY — Members:

Merthan Kavak

Alper Tekin

İlker Kararmış


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