A utility for hashing one or more files with the XXH3 hashing algorithm.

file_hasher relies on the xxh3 package.


file_hasher works by splitting files into chunks, individually hashing each chunk with the XXH3 hashing algorithm, then combining each hash with the existing digest with the bit-wise exclusive-or operator (^), and returning the result.

The [FileHasher] utility class provides a method to hash individual files, [hash], as well as a method to hash multiple files, [smash], and their synchronous variants, [hashSync] and [smashSync].


import 'package:file_hasher/file_hasher.dart';

hash & hashSync

The [hash] and [hashSync] methods hash the contents of a single file.

[hash] streams the contents of a file, while [hashSync] reads the file synchronously then processes the file data.

final file = File.fromUri(Uri.file('path/to/file'));

// Asynchronously hash the file.
print(await FileHasher.hash(file));

// Synchronously hash the file.

smash & smashSync

The [smash] and [smashSync] methods hash the contents of multiple files in the order they’re listed.

[smash] streams the contents of the files, while [smashSync] reads the files synchronously then processes the file data.

final files = <File>[

// Asynchronously hash the files.
print(await FileHasher.smash(files));

// Synchronously hash the files.

File extension methods

file_hasher extends the [File] object from the dart:io package with two methods: [xxh3] and [xxh3Sync]; which call [FileHasher]’s [hash] and [hashSync] methods respectively.

// Asynchronously hash the file.
print(await file.xxh3());

// Synchronously hash the files.


Each of the methods provided by [FileHasher], as well as the [File] extension methods, have 3 optional parameters: [chunkSize], [seed], and [secret].

See below for details.

final hash = await FileHasher.hash(
  chunkSize: 500,
  seed: 20220713,
  secret: mySecretUint8List,


[chunkSize] sets the number of bytes to include in each chunk of data being hashed; changing the [chunkSize] will result in different hashes being returned for any files containing more bytes than the [chunkSize].

[chunkSize] defaults to 2500.


A [seed] can be provided as an [int] to randomize the hash function.

[seed] defaults to 0.


An optional [secret] can also be provided as a [Uint8List] to randomize the hash function.

If provided, the [secret] must be at least 136 bytes.

Note: Per XXH3 and the xxh3 package, the secret must look like a bunch of random bytes as the quality of the secret impacts the dispersion of the hash algorithm. “Trivial” or structured data such as repeated sequences or a text document should be avoided.

Note: [Uint8List] can be imported from the dart:typed_data package and can be constructed from a list of [int]s.


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