Lenore UI

Beautiful, customizable and easy to use UI widgets to help me (or maybe you) develop my (or maybe your) apps faster. This is my personal package that I use to develop my apps with. Its helps me to build them quickly without worrying about the UI difficulties.

I am developing this package and adding widgets to it but I am doing as I need it. I don’t expect anyone using this, but if you do use it and want something implemented in, contact me to add them or make a request on github (makes me happy :)).

Implemented Widgets

  • LenoreButton
  • LenoreDatatable
  • LenoreDatePicker
  • LenoreDropDown
  • LenoreFlatButton
  • LenoreLoading
  • LenoreTextFormField
  • LenoreAppBar
  • LenoreDrawer with LenoreDrawerItem
  • LenoreNoDataWidget
  • LenoreNoInternetWidget
  • LenoreAppTheme a sample theme

Lenore UI Screen Shot


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