A curl-like command-line client for Discord bot and user APIs.


  • Bot auth flow
  • User Oauth2 flow (redirects to http://localhost:3000)
  • get, post, put, patch, delete requests
  • JSON body
  • JSON headers


  • You must have Dart installed on your system
  • You must have a Discord app

A bot account is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. User accounts are severely limited by Discord’s API and Terms of Service. That said, a full user Oauth2 flow is implemented under durl auth-user


dart pub global activate --source git https://github.com/lukepighetti/durl
durl auth -i $APPLICATION_ID -t $BOT_TOKEN


# Fetch my user info with a GET request
durl api -p /users/@me

# Send message with a POST request
durl api -X post -p "/channels/101503/messages" -b "{\"content\":\"hellooo!\"}"

# Update guild icon with base64 image in a PATCH request
durl api -X patch -p "/guilds/101429" -b "{\"icon\":\"data:image/jpeg;base64,$(base64 -i avatar.jpg)\"}"


Use jq to parse response objects when using durl to write shell scripts.

# Fetch the authenticated user id and store it
USER_ID=$(durl api -p /users/@me | jq -r ".id")


This project is intended to be very simple, that said, here are some missing features:

  1. Support for operating systems that don’t use *nix style paths. See durl.dart:11
  2. Automatically refresh the user token when it expires. See durl.dart:202


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