Awesome Flutter Linux

Awesome Flutter Linux

A curated list of awesomeness for Flutter Linux.


  • Adwaita Icons – Package that contains all icons built for the Adwaita Theme.
  • Appstream – A parser for Appstream data. This package allows Dart applications to access package metadata on Linux systems.
  • Avahi – Provides a client to connect to Avahi – the service that implements mDNS/DNS-SD on Linux.
  • BlueZ – Provides a client to connect to BlueZ – the Linux Bluetooth stack.
  • D-Bus – A native Dart implementation of the D-Bus message bus client. This package allows Dart applications to directly access services on the Linux desktop.
  • Desktop Notifications – Allows notifications to be sent on Linux desktops using the desktop notifications specification.
  • fwupd – Provides a client to connect to fwupd – the service that does firmware updates on Linux.
  • GPIO – Dart package for accessing GPIO using the GPIO character device interface on linux / Android (root required). Supports signal edge listening, active state, open source/drain and (if supported by platform) bias.
  • GSettings – GSettings client
  • GTK – Implements GTK Widgets, themes and titlebar buttons in Flutter. Based on the GNOME HIG
  • Linux System Info – Dart library for getting general linux system information like amount of ram or swap, cpu’s MHz, cpu usage and kernel/distribution related data
  • LXD – Provides a client to access lxd, which allows you to manage containers on a Linux system.
  • MRAA – A Dart FFI wrapper implementation of the Intel linux MRAA device library
  • Network Manager – Provides a client to connect to NetworkManager – the service that manages network connections on Linux.
  • PackageKit – Provides a client to connect to PackageKit – the service that enables installation and removal of software packages on Linux.
  • POSIX – Exposes the POSIX api on OSx and Linux
  • snapd – Provides a client to access snapd, which allows you to manage, search and install snaps on a Linux system.
  • UDisks – Provides a client to connect to UDisks – the service that accesses and manipulates disks, storage devices and technologies on Linux.
  • UPower – Provides a client to connect to UPower – the service that does power management on Linux.
  • XDG directories – A Dart package for reading XDG directory configuration information on Linux.
  • xterm – xterm.dart is a fast and fully-featured terminal emulator for Flutter applications, with support for mobile and desktop platforms.
  • Yaru Icons – Ubuntu Yaru Icon theme
  • Yaru Style – Ubuntu Yaru Style – Distinct look and feel of the Ubuntu Desktop



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This project is based on awesome-flutter-desktop by @leanflutter.