Flutter ShuttleTracker

Flutter ShuttleTracker is a cross-platform port of ShuttleTracker that utilizes the Flutter SDK for development.


  • Map page that contains live updates for shuttles, routes, and stops

  • Routes page that allows users to see each route in detail and its associated stops

  • Schedules page that directs users to the schedules for all routes

  • Settings page that allows users to customize the app to their liking

  • Dark Mode

  • Automatic route toggling based on time of day

Setting up

  1. Install Flutter
  2. Clone the repository to your computer
  3. Open the project in your preferred editor
    • NOTE: VS Code and Android Studio are the recommended editors for Flutter
  4. Retrieve all the required dependencies with flutter pub get
  5. If you're in a different Flutter release channel, switch back to stable with flutter channel stable
  6. Open your preferred emulator (Android or iOS)
  7. Run the app by clicking the "green play button" on the top right of Android Studio or VS Code