This is a component package developed purely for dart to display chat record lists, supporting the basic content display of images, files, voice, video, and text.



This tool component can display chat records, commonly used for displaying chat record content.

The display content supports the following basic content:

  • 图片 -> image
  • 文件 -> file
  • 文字 -> text
  • 音频 -> audio
  • 视频 -> video <–> Not currently supported

Install Address Navigation:


You can directly pubspec.yaml in the file dependencies add below for installation.

chat_flutter: ^1.0.0

As follows:

  chat_flutter: ^1.0.0


You can also execute the following command to install from the terminal located in the project root directory:

flutter pub add chat_flutter


Introduce on the required page:

import 'package:chat_flutter/chat_flutter.dart';

Complete Use Case:

import 'package:flutter/material.dart';
import 'package:chat_flutter/chat_flutter.dart';

void main() {
  runApp(const MyApp());

class MyApp extends StatefulWidget {
  const MyApp({super.key});

  State<MyApp> createState() => _MyAppState();

class _MyAppState extends State<MyApp> {
  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return Scaffold(
        body: Column(
            children: [
                    child: ChatViewWidget()

More use cases can be found at Here hit the target /example/lib/main.dart review.

Precautions for use

This plugin only provides display and does not provide implementation of functions. If the following functions are not implemented:

  • When displaying recorded content as audio, this plugin does not implement audio playback, and users need to implement the audio playback function themselves.

This plugin does not impose width or height restrictions on the content of the plugin, so you need to package the plugin with widget set the width and height of the box。

About the Adaptation of Plugin Models

This plugin itself uses flutter_screenutil based on plugins, multiple models have been adapted, so you don’t have to worry about encountering problems during use UI disorder and other issues, if the model you are using is not properly adapted, resulting in UI for issues such as disordered styles, you can contact me through the contact information below to provide assistance.

About plugin dependency issues

After the author discovers that the dependencies used in the plugin have been updated, they will be updated as soon as possible. For a smoother experience during use, it is recommended that you update the plugin as soon as possible, or pubspec.yaml add before version number in the file ^ symbol for using the latest version of the plugin

About Customization

This plugin provides a high degree of customization to facilitate the functionality provided by the plugin when you are not satisfied UI customize to meet your needs.

Case study and detailed usage reference guide

If you feel that the cases and usage assistance provided on this page cannot help you successfully start using this plugin, you can click Here and enter example/lib/main.dart file View Detailed Use Cases. Alternatively, you can contact me through the contact information below.

API Parameter Description

ChatViewWidget Illustrate

Name Type Describe Default value
children List<ChatViewItem> record list []
isNeedScrollBottom bool Whether to slide to the bottom during initial rendering false
onCreated Function(ScrollController chatViewWidgetController) When creation is complete, return aScrollController list controller of type

ChatViewItem Illustrate

Common Parameter API

Name Type Describe Default value
itemBody dynamic Content. according to itemBodyType the content conveyed varies depending on the type. When itemBodyType = time may not be transmitted, and detailed use can refer to case studies.
senderRight bool Is it on the right side true
avatarPath String The avatar address will be the default one when it is not delivered. If it is not delivered, the built-in icon avatar scheme will be used
defaultAvatarPath String Default avatar address
isAvatarShow bool Is the avatar displayed true
avatarSize double Avatar size Adapted 45
avatarColor Color Head color
customAvatar Widget Custom avatar
customRecordTimeWidget Widget Custom Time Record widget
customRecordTimeStyle TextStyle Custom Time Record Style
chatViewItemRecordBodyBoxConstraints BoxConstraints Content subject constraints
itemBodyType ChatViewItemRecordBodyType Current record content type text
customAvatarWidget Widget Custom avatar
itemBodyRecordTime String Recording time
backgroundColor Color Record the background color of the main body Colors.white
customItem Widget Custom Record Body
avatarTap Function Head image click callback
itemBodyTap Function Content subject click event
itemBodyMediaTap Function(ChatViewItemRecordBodyType type) File, image, audio, video click events


Name Type Describe Default value
selectionControls TextSelectionControls Text selection controller. When isOpenTextSelect the activation is valid.
itemBodyTextStyle TextStyle Record the text style of the main body TextStyle (color: const Color(0xff1989fa),fontSize: 16
isOpenTextSelect bool Do you want to open the long press text menu true
contextMenuBuilder Widget Function(BuildContext context, SelectableRegionState selectableRegionState) Displayed Tools Menu
onSelectionChanged Function(SelectedContent?) Long press the text menu to select a callback
createSelectableTextCallback Function(FocusNode focusNode) Optional Text Content widget callback during creation


Name Type Describe Default value
audioTimelength int Audio duration 0
audioPlayStatus bool Playing false


No special parameter description.


Not currently supported.

Contact Author

When you encounter problems during use, you can click Here have issue ask a question or contact me through the contact information below. When you see your contact or raise a question issue I will reply and contact you as soon as possible.


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