Weather app

A complete simple weather application.


Getting Started

Get your own API key from:

Setup for google Cloud API key:
  • Go to Google Developers Console.
  • Create a New Project.
  • From Left Menu, go to Credentials section; click on Create Credentials and generate API KEY.
  • Copy API KEY of the project.
  • Again From Left Menu, go to Library section; search Places API and enable it.

Once you have created the keys,
Put in the right place

in file services/wather.dart in the top put the open weathe map key and aqicn.

in file screens/location_screen.dart put the google api key (search 'Your_api_key').

You can change the language and places in the search:

 language: "en",

 components: [Component(, "il")]);

This is my first app , Apparently some things can be done better.

The inspiration for the design from : weather by xiaomi