Flutter Chat app using MQTT.

The Broker should install HiveMQ Chat-Extension first.

Use Flutter-MQTT-Chat-Client as a library

To use this library inside your project with your custom UI, please refer to The Wiki


Login Rooms Chat
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Profile Contact details Media messages
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P0 Features

  • Login
  • Send & receive messages
  • Typing indicator
  • Send Files
  • Persist User, Messages and rooms using local database
  • ChatMarker (In Progress)
  • Invite a user to chat
  • Group Chat
  • Presence (Testing…)
  • File Previews (PDF and images Done)
  • In App Notifications
  • Push Notifications When App is in Background.

P1 Features

  • Poll Messages
  • Pinned Messages
  • Self-Destructive Messages
  • Request Attention

P2 Features

  • Recognize adult content on image message
  • Blurred content messages


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