BMI Calculator Flutter

BMI Calculator is a Body Mass Index(BMI) calculator app developed with Flutter. Currently, the BMI is calculated using Metric units. BMI is an index calculated with the help of the height and weight of a person which categorieses him or her to different groups like healthy, over weight, under weight, etc. as per the standard guidelines and research.

With this application, you can use it to assess wheter you are at the ideal weight according to your height. And depending on this result, you can know if you are at the ideal wight, below or above.


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The file Components have all the reusable widgets that I use on the screens.

| screens
|---- history_screen.dart
|---- home_screen.dart
| widget
|---- | base
|---- |---- base_container.dart
|---- |---- base_screen.dart
|---- |---- navigation_drawer.dart
|---- advice_container.dart
|---- circle_button.dart
|---- custom_button.dart
|---- custome_alert_dialog.dart
|---- gender_container.dart
|---- height_container.dart
|---- result_container.dart
|---- selector_container.dart
| constants.dart
| main.dart

Getting Started

To get a local copy up and running follow these simple steps.


You need to have Flutter installed on your pc.


  1. Clone the repo using: git clone
  2. To get the packages needed for the app, run:
flutter pub get


If you have a connected device or emulator running, you can run the app with:

flutter run


See the open issues for a list of proposed features (and known issues).


? Zahra Khoshdel


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