Lise Dart Chess Engine

Lise is Beginner chess engine re-written in Dart which uses mixture of opening book + negamax + minimax. Lise can play well known opening pawn structures/ piece placement and plays intermediate middlegame/opening play and beginner endgame play.


Engine uses Dart chess library for legal chess move generation, chess rules checks, etc.

Terminal Chess Play


Lise Acheivements:

  • Beating Stockfish level 1

  • drawing 3 times to beginner trained Maia Chess engine

Engine Algorithm

Lise is a beginner engine, who has some sense of opening pawn structures and plays middlegame/endgame like a beginner to intermediate player.


LiseChessEngine uses Minimax, Negamax and Opening book

Opening Book

White openings:

  • Queens Gambit
  • Kings Gambit
  • g3 system
  • london

Black Openings:

  • French
  • Caro can
  • Slav
  • KID
  • Ownes Opening

Negamax Algorithm

  • runs on depth 3, more the depth better move but slower search
  • functions with eval function

Eval function

  • takes account of chess board area and all legal moves
  • gives white double the advantage compared to black to play as a defensive player as black, attacking player as white.

Engine Upgrades

Lise is still being worked on, with intentions to add

  • A full tablebase support for better endgame play
  • more opening support
  • support for playing white side
  • support for tactics creation
  • transition to NN for dynamic piece values


  • make sure to have dart installed
  • git clone
  • cd chess_enginelise
  • enter command dart run

you will see lise playing itself a sample game of 4 moves.

Lise Java

this is remake of Lise chess engine which was written in Java, can more learn about Java version here


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