Prism is a beautiful open-source wallpapers app for Android. It is built with Dart on top of Google's Flutter Framework.

Prism relies on WallHaven and Pexels API as its source of beautiful and large collection of Wallpapers. By utilising their API, it provides the user with a fast and smooth experience filled with subtle animations and minimal design. The main goal of Prism is to make the smartphone customisation experience, smooth and easy, yet giving the users amazing wallpapers, and features like downloading infinite (as much your storage allows) wallpapers or sharing the ones they like with others.

Prism offers a never-ending feed of wallpapers on its home screen. It also has a Curated section that is filled with the best photos/wallpapers updated every day. It also features categories like Abstract, Nature if you are into these. Then it allows one to find wallpapers on the basis of colors, i.e. you can find wallpapers with a color that matches your icons or homescreen setup. Not even that, it also shows you a palette of colors from any wallpaper in the app, on clicking which you can find wallpapers of that specific color.

Main features like finding and setting up wallpapers don't rquire Google Sign In, while features like Favourites or Downloads require you to sign up using Google. This signup is facilitated by Google Firebase, so it is secure and we only get your name, email and profile photo for identification purposes. The app also has Dark Mode, if you want to save your phone's battery while getting in love with those wallpapers. The app also allows users to share wallpapers with others by giving them a unique link for every wallpaper, using Dynamic Links so that anyone can directly view the wallpaper.


  • High-Quality Wallpapers from WallHaven and Pexels
  • Dark Mode supported
  • Google Sign In is optional
  • Low Internet usage due to minimal loading and persistent data using Provider
  • Home Feed is infinite, never ends
  • Save Liked Images for later (works even after uninstalling the app)
  • Download any wallpaper to Gallery
  • Secure data and favourites storage on Google Firebase
  • Search for Wallpapers by keyword
  • Check how the wallpaper will look with fake clock and app icons
  • Search for Wallpapers by color
  • Find wallpapers with similar color to one wallpaper
  • Set any wallpaper on the home screen, lock screen or both
  • Find wallpapers by category (Curated, Abstract and Nature)
  • Extensive settings menu with various options
  • Toast/Snackbar supported buttons
  • Minimal design with smooth transitions
  • Clear Cache, Downloads and Favourites with one-tap
  • Optimised storage using minimal packages
  • Application size under 10 MB
  • Adaptive UI (changes colour based on wallpaper)



Explore Curated Abstract Nature Color Based
Color Picker Favourites Downloads Search Profile
Sign-in Popup Quick Action Menu Wallpaper Display Wallpaper Info Clock for testing
Splash Screen Loading Animation Wallpaper Popup Changelog Wallpaper Info 2

Light Theme

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