Simple WebRTC. Wraps flutter_webrtc similar to simple-peer

IMPORTANT: Although the example works this plugin is just a proof of concept that only support data channels and does not support specifying any options

Getting started

For now, see more information on how to in either flutter_webrtc or simple-peer.


var peer1 = Peer(initiator: true);
var peer2 = Peer();

peer1.onSignal = (data) async {
  // when peer1 has signaling data, give it to peer2 somehow
  await peer2.signal(data);

peer2.onSignal = (data) async {
  // when peer2 has signaling data, give it to peer1 somehow
  await peer1.signal(data);

peer2.onData = (data) async {
  print("Got data from peer1: $data");

await peer1.connect();

await peer1.send('hello!');


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