Simple console dart brick

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This brick creates a very simple structure for a dart console application. Your dart sdk version detected automatically. After the structure is created, added dependency for analyzer and brick independently run dart pub get


  1. --name > project name in pubspec.yaml, default is draft_app
  2. --linter_suppression > removes some annoying linters, default is Yes

Folder structure & files

├── {{name}}/
╰── ├── pubspec.yaml
    ├── analysis_options.yaml
    ╰── lib/
        ╰── main.dart

{{name}} mean the name you enter when ‘make’ the brick

Getting brick

  1. Get mason
  2. Run in console mason add -g simple_console_dart --git-url


Run in console mason make simple_console_dart

Additionally (not mandatory)

To shorten the command, you can create command alias guide for windows. Checked in powershell v.7:

  1. cd C:/Users/USERNAME/
  2. mkdir .config/powershell
  3. code .config/powershell/user_profile.ps1
  4. Write in opened file and save:

# Alias
Set-Alias dartfast CreateSimpleDartConsoleApp

function CreateSimpleDartConsoleApp()
    mason make simple_console_dart
  1. code $PROFILE.CurrentUserCurrentHost
  2. Write in opened file and save: . $env:USERPROFILE/.config/powershell/user_profile.ps1
  3. Restart shell and now you can use dartfast instead of mason make simple_console_dart


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