Flutter Firechat

  1. Create a new Flutter project via Flutter Docs
  2. Create a new Firebase project
  3. Enable Google Authentication and Firestore
  4. Add a new Firebase Android app
  5. Follow the Android SDK installation instructions
  6. Download the google-services.json file and add it into the project’s android/app folder
  7. Install the packages for firebase, google sign in, and provider:

flutter pub add firebase_core firebase_auth google_sign_in cloud_firestore provider
  1. Create new files in the ‘lib’ folder called ‘auth_provider.dart’, ‘bottom_chat_bar.dart’, ‘home_screen.dart’, ‘landing_screen.dart’, ‘loading.dart’, and ‘styles.dart’
  2. Add the code for ‘auth_provider.dart’, ‘bottom_chat_bar.dart’, ‘home_screen.dart’, ‘landing_screen.dart’, ‘loading.dart’, ‘styles.dart’ and main.dart
  3. Auth logic and initialization lives in the ‘auth_provider.dart’ and ‘main.dart’ files