Originally made by Arslee on arslee07/anonchat.

What’s this?

Anonchat is a microprotocol for communication build on Dart using sockets.

A server acts as a message distributor between the connected clients, while a client can send and recieve messages

A typical v2 message looks like this:

{"user": "calamity", "msg": "hey, how you doing today?"}


If you want to build the client and the server, you need to get the Dart SDK ( and git

For running the server you need to port-forward the port you are going to choose to run the server.


# 1. Clone the repository
git clone
cd anonchat-v2

# 2. Build the executables
#    If you want to build for other platforms - see `dart compile`
#    A build script is provided - `./`
mkdir build
dart compile exe anonchat-server/bin/anonchat_server.dart -o build/server && chmod +x build/server # for server
dart compile exe anonchat-cli/bin/anonchat_cli.dart -o build/cli && chmod +x build/cli # for cli client

The built executables will be in the build folder.


After you’ve downloaded the binaries from the releases, put them where you need to.

Let’s say you need to connect to a server, which has an ip of and port of 2345.

Example: ./cli

By default this is going to give you the nickname of Anon, but if you need to identify yourself – you can add a parameter of a nickname

Example: ./cli bob

Feel free to open an issue/PR if you have anything to say/ask!


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