A tiny command-line newsreader.

Just execute wnews and it will give you the three or four most important news of the past few days, as assembled by Wikipedia editors. (See the In the news section of Wikipedia homepage.)

→ Croatia adopts the euro and also joins the Schengen Area.

→ Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI dies at the age of 95.

→ Brazilian footballer Pelé dies at the age of 82.

→ A winter storm causes record-breaking low temperatures and leaves more than 90
  people dead across North America.


Assuming you have dart in your PATH, run the following command:

dart pub global activate wnews

That’s it. Now, you can use wnews from anywhere on the command line.


To use wnews while developing, go to the root directory of the project, and run

dart pub global activate --source path .

After this, the executable in bin/wnews.dart is accessible on your $PATH by simply typing wnews (as if you activated the version that is on pub.dev).


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