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Welcome to the GitHub repository for Zapp! An online editor allowing you to build Flutter applications in the browser.

The source code for Zapp is currently closed-source, this repository is used for issue reporting, feature requests and a public project roadmap.

Note: Zapp is currently in open beta so please report any issues.


What is Zapp?

Zapp is an online developer environment for building, running and sharing Flutter projects in the browser.

Where is the source code for Zapp?

Zapp is currently a closed source project, accessible via We may decide to open source it in the future, and will update this repository if we decide to do so.

What packages are supported?

Zapp builds projects using Flutter Web, therefore only packages which support Flutter Web are supported in Zapp. If a package you are using supports web but isn’t working correctly, please file an issue so we’re able to investigate.

What isn’t supported?

We’re currently working hard to get as many features supported as possible. The top features we do not yet support are:

  • Dart lints (via analysis_options.yaml) #18
  • Semantic token highlighting #19


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